Lithium Batteries Contained in Equipment

Jul 16, 2019

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Lithium Ion Batteries Contained In Equipment (UN3481 – Class 9)
Lithium Metal Batteries Contained In Equipment (UN3091 – Class 9)


If you are shipping a cordless power drill, laptop computer or a piece of equipment containing a lithium battery, the shipment will be classed as hazardous cargo, however it is still possible to ship on passenger aircraft  if the battery is contained in the equipment it is designed to power.

Dangerous goods legislation relating to the transport of lithium batteries has changed every year for the past three years and it is vital that shippers understand what is required to ensure safe transport. At Evolution Forwarding we are specialists in packing, marking, labeling and documenting hazardous shipments for transport by air and provide our customers with the expertise to ensure their goods comply with current regulations.

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