what are dangerous goods?

What are dangerous goods


Dangerous goods are classed as any substance that when transported in commerce are a hazard to people, property or the environment.


Goods we take for granted in everyday use are often classed as hazardous when transported by air, sea or road freight. These include:


Examples of household dangerous goods

  • Nail polish, aftershave and perfumes (Class 3 flammable liquid)
  • Body Sprays and deodorants (Class 2 flammable gas)
  • Hair dye (Class 5.2 Organic Peroxide)
  • Bleach (Class 8 Corrosive)
  • Lithium Batteries, laptops, e-cigarettes (Class 9 Miscellaneous)

Examples of industrial dangerous goods

  • Epoxy resins (Class 9 Miscellaneous)
  • Epoxy Hardeners (Class 8 Corrosive)
  • Paint (Class 3 Flammable liquid)
  • Adhesives (Class 3 Flammable liquid)
  • Aerosols (Class 2.1 Flammable gas)

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