UN Packaging

UN Approved Packaging from Evolution Hazpack

UN approved packaging used for transporting dangerous goods


Fibre board boxes specifically designed for shipping hazardous materials by air, sea and road freight


Being involved in the packing of hazardous materials and dangerous goods for more than 20 years has also allowed us to become involved in the design, manufacture and supply of UN packaging and components.

The industry standard is the 4G UN fibre board box. This box is designed to ship Packing Groups I, II, III Solids or Liquids, with approved inners, depending on the weight and regulation requirements of each material being contained.

The 4GV carton or "Superpack" is more rigorously tested to enable maximum safety and containment. Fully tested to UN specifications for a wide range of possible inner containers, and great for shipping samples. By using a "V" package, you are given the flexibility of shipping Packing Group I, II, or III materials using any type of inner container.

We can also provide all of the additional packaging material components required to pack hazardous and dangerous goods for transport by air, sea or road.


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