Dangerous Goods Paperwork

Dangerous goods paperwork DGN DGD

Preparing dangerous goods paperwork for air, sea and road freight shipments


Avoid unnecessary delays by making sure your dangerous goods paperwork is correct


Along with our hazardous packing services, we can complete all of the necessary dangerous goods paperwork on your behalf, ensuring that your consignments are correctly documented and move quickly through the supply chain without any hold ups.

The Dangerous Goods Note (DGN) is a transport document that gives details about the contents of a shipment to carriers, receiving authorities and forwarders and is used to accompany dangerous goods in transit. You can use a DGN when you transport goods using all forms of transport except air freight, when the IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) is used.

When you transport dangerous goods, your consignment must be accompanied by a document that declares what the dangers of the goods are. By using a DGN or DGD, you can complete the same standard document for all consignments of dangerous goods, regardless of which port / airport they are going to as it gives the receiving authority complete, accurate and timely information about your consignment so they have clear and precise details on how your goods should be handled, especially in the case of an emergency.


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